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About Us

Canmag Industries Inc. (“Canmag”), the only dedicated magnetite plant in North America producing, processing and distributing heavy media grade magnetite. With a production facility situated in Northern British Columbia and head office in Vancouver, BC, Canmag has the capacity to responsibly produce up to 150,000 tons of high-quality magnetite annually with a focus on the Western Canadian coal and fertilizer industries.


To deliver the highest quality media grade magnetite enabling our customers to achieve maximum value. Our commitment extends far beyond supplying coal washing magnetite by providing efficient and cost effective transportation and onsite inventory management solutions.


Magnetite is our core business. Our dedicated production facility allows us to focus all of our efforts on producing a single, high-quality product.


Our proprietary production process and state-of-the-art plant allow us to design and tailor our product based on our client’s specifications by:

  • improving productivity through the reduction of waste
  • minimizing operational challenges
  • maximizing use of resources
  • optimizing cost savings


Combined with our team’s global experience, proven technical expertise, safety, and sustainability focus, Canmag is the preferred source for the North American magnetite market.