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Responsibly moving impurities to maximize our customers’ product value.


Is the environment important to us? You bet it is, both professionally and personally.  We know that sound environmental practices are an essential part of our business and a key aspect of our No Harm principle. We are also a company of outdoor enthusiasts who value and take pride in our incredible, natural surroundings.

We understand that the work that we do will bring change to local environments and communities, and that this change can be either positive or negative.  We will meet or exceed existing environmental standards to ensure that we do no harm to the environment, or the reputation that we have worked so hard to achieve. Following the rules is only part of the equation. By looking for ways to streamline the production process, we can find opportunities to reduce carbon consumption and decrease our environmental footprint.

Health and Safety

The Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Program used at the Canmag magnetite project provides maximum value and adheres to only the highest standard of principles. Our first principle is “No harm to people, environment, assets and reputation”. This “Zero Harm” goal is not unique to Canmag. In fact, you may find this message is part of the safety program of most companies. The real challenge comes in creating and implementing a health and safety program that will lead to achieving this goal.

Our corporate HSE Program never operates in complete isolation; it must be able to integrate with clients, subcontractors, regulating bodies, and local communities. If situations arise where there is a discrepancy between the standards of our HSE Program and that of an owner or regulating body, we will adhere to the highest standards.